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small cacti getting sunlight by a window

How Long Can A Cactus Live Without Sunlight (Indoors)

If you’re new to indoor cactus plants, you might be wondering just how much light they really need.  After all, these are desert plants and used to baking all day in the scorching sun, right?  How long can a cactus live without sunlight? Actually, most indoor cactus plants will do well with around four hours

5 Differences Between Cactus Soil And Potting Soil

Have you ever been browsing through the potting soils and compost mixes at the local garden center and wondered what exactly makes that “cactus mix” different from all the rest? Actually, there are quite a few things! What is the difference between cactus soil and potting soil? In general, cactus soil is designed to mimic

Ideal PH Level For Cactus Soil (And How To Regulate)

You may be wondering if your cactus needs a specific pH range and what steps you can take to regulate it. What is the ideal ph level for cactus soil? Cacti typically need a soil with a pH level between 5 and 7 to thrive. You can regulate pH by testing the soil and water

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I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget”

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