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Cereus Cactus Care & Grow (Complete Guide)

Cereus Rependus (One of the many Cereus varieties) Cereus Cactus Light: The Cereus cactus loves bright light, and it thrives under full sun and partial shade. Water: This cactus needs thorough watering during its active growth stage, although you need to let the soil dry out in between waterings. In the winter, minimal watering is

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Orchid Cactus Care & Grow (Complete Guide)

Hybrid Orchic Cactus (one of the many varieties) in full bloom Orchid Cactus Light: The orchid cactus loves bright light, but do not expose it to direct sunlight. Water: Keep the soil moist, except during winter, when you can water sparingly. Typical cultivars grow to 2 ft (60 cm) long, and about 2 in (5

Euphorbia Cactus Care & Grow (Complete Guide)

Euphorbia Trigona -one of the many types of euphorbia Euphorbia Cactus Light: Plenty of sun Water: Euphorbias like to dry out in between waterings. Do not overwater. When grown indoors, the Euphorbia trigona can grow to 3 to 7 feet tall (1-2 meters). But it is a slow-growing plant, so you won’t have to repot

“I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die.
I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget”

Erin Van Vuren